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Geology 2 DVD pack

Two DVDs

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Philip Bell, Dr Tas Walker



Pack includes the two DVDs …

Let the Rocks Speak
Evidence for the Flood from the fossils and geology

60 minute DVD by Philip Bell [30-9-641]
What kinds of geological evidence do we find that support a geographically universal, violent flood?
In this illustrated presentation, Philip Bell discusses scientific facts that point to continental-scale inundation by water, quick succession of strata and rapid, large-scale folding of sedimentary layers.

Geology by the Book
A Deluge of Evidence

56 minute DVD featuring Dr Tas Walker [30-9-647]
Discover how iconic geological sites such as the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, Siccar Point in Scotland, and the Three Sisters in Australia dramatically demonstrate the reality of Noah’s Flood. Learn how many people in our world are trying to stop this information reaching you. Once you begin in the right place—with the book—and view the geological evidence from that perspective, it transforms the way you see your world.

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