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Creation Evangelism in an Islam-Aware World + Genesis & the Gospel Connection

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Richard Fangrad | Dr David Catchpoole



Pack includes two DVDs …

Creation Evangelism in an Islam-Aware World
54 minute DVD by Dr David Catchpoole [30-9-574]
Terrorist attacks against the West by so-called “Islamic extremists” embolden atheists to cry “religion is bad!”, and then they rail against Christianity. In such an environment, how can Christians hope to effectively proclaim the gospel? A crucial key, as examples show, is to face the origins issue head-on, which is foundational to every belief system.

Genesis & the Gospel Connection
49 minute DVD by Richard Fangrad [30-9-556]
Is there a connection between Creation and the Gospel and why does it matter? The account of Creation in Genesis is often considered a side issue in the Church and avoided at the risk of being too "controversial". After all, science supports evolution. Or does it?

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